A beautiful city for young and old

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is only 30km away from Cadzand. In 2000 UNESCO, quite rightly, placed the whole historical town of Bruges on their World Heritage Site. It almost feels like you are in the Middle Ages when walking down the winding alleys and romantic canals. There are many museums in Bruges, which give an impressive look in to the history of the city. However contemporary culture has not been forgotten either. In Bruges you can find the new concert building, which is the most important one in the whole Flanders region. Don’t forget to taste one of Bruges’ infamous waffles on the Burg, which is a beautiful square surrounded by many historical buildings.

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Shopping with a cultural edge

Sluis is not only a friendly and impressive shopping city, it also has a rich history. It is an old fortified city with a cosy and Burgundian feeling. The large amounts of specialty stores attract the most attention in Sluis, selling predominantly high-end products. The boutiques carry prestigious brands and the word ‘fresh’ is written in capitol letters, meaning these are the best shops. Furthermore there are numerous cafés and restaurants in the city. Finishing your day off on one of the terraces is a true enjoyment, but make sure to visit the ramparts and the old belfry as well! Sluis allows for Burgundian shopping with a cultural edge to it, even on Sundays!