Nature Reserve

'Het Zwin'

Around the beginning of our era, the sea invaded very far in our land. Because of this there was an inner see with an expanded system of gullies and creeks. In the 13th and 14th century the see was poor of life. The Zwin was an important route to Bruges. The cities on the Zwin, including Bruges, Damme and Sluis, where flourishing trade centres. They lost their trade position when the gully became shallower en finally unnavigable. In later century’s The Zwin became largely reclaimed by the modern people.

The 'Zeeuwse' Landschap is managing about 10.000 acres of nature reserve, landscape elements and cultural historical pearls. You can visit a lot of these areas, often there are also hiking trails and other facilities to discover the area.

Nature Reserve

Shark teeth

Nature reserve ‘t Zwin

Within walking distance of Noordzee Hotel & Spa you can find the nature reserve ‘t Zwin. This area extends the coastline for 2,3 kilometres in the Dutch and Belgian borderland.

A fun fact is that you can find ancient shark teeth in the Zwingeul by Cadzand. With the churnings of the sea, teeth are frequently found. Would you like to know more about the shark teeth that have been found? Visit the visitors centre of ‘t Zwin, where they also organize a guided tour every Sunday.

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